2019 Sponsors - Much gratitude for your support!

Sponsorship Opportunity to Support International Award Winner

Interfaith Harmony Halifax (IHH) is a community award-winning collaborative organization whose purpose is to promote the vision of the UN World Interfaith Harmony Week (WIHW), which is “Love of God, the Good, and Neighbour”. We represent people of diverse faiths and good will, as well as diverse community partners and cultures.

2019 – sixth year for Halifax to celebrate WIHW. Theme: Discovering the Many Faces of Faith
The five elements of our program include:

1. Meeting Our Neighbours: Visits to Sacred Spaces

2. Interfaith Engagement Certificate Program

3. Interfaith Panel Conversations

4. Community Celebration of Interfaith Harmony

5. ‘Declaration of Interfaith Peace and Friendship’ from an individual or organization

Our success depends on the thoughtful and caring work of many people who seek to address today’s challenges with respect, cooperation, and appreciation. Sponsorships enable us to continue to offer our program free of charge in the community. Your contributions enable us to make interfaith harmony more of a reality in our communities and world. With your commitment and generosity, we will make greater strides in expanding our educational outreach and accomplishing our vision.
All donations are tax deductible.

Why Support IHH and WIHW?
  • Together, we can make Halifax more inclusive and welcoming of diverse faiths, beliefs and practices.
  • Sponsors will be advertised on our social media, website and at the community celebration.
  • Sponsors are invited to have a display at the community celebration. It’s an opportunity to:
    • Network with others embracing interfaith harmony, diversity and inclusion
    • Showcase how you encourage and respect diversity, and how it benefits your organization.
  • Sponsors join a growing international initiative promoting interfaith peace and harmony.
Commitment of Investors

Generally, organizations have given between $100 and $500. Any amount is appreciated. We welcome contributions from individuals, as well as organizations.

For more information, email