Halifax Community Health Board Declares Interfaith Peace and Friendship

Given the many tragic events around the world, directly or indirectly related to religious intolerance, misunderstanding and/or ignorance, Interfaith Harmony Week offers a very meaningful opportunity for mutual self-reflection, open-mindedness, respect and understanding.

It provides us all with a very precious chance to sit, breathe, pray, sing, and even eat and celebrate with others. We can speak of how you invited me into your sacred space and I invited you into mine. We learned each other’s name through the sound of each other’s voice. We came to know each other through the warmth of understanding, peace and friendship.
We acknowledge the diverse faiths, spiritual paths, and secular beliefs within our community and world.

We respect the equality of rights and privileges of residents from all our diverse communities, promote zero tolerance of discrimination, and recognize the diverse needs of our communities.
We affirm and appreciate that there can be harmony and strength through this diversity, and will support programs like the UN World Interfaith Harmony Week that promote peace and friendship among our diverse communities.

And we invite all sectors – business, education, health, human rights, justice, non-profit, political, government, and faith communities – to publicly make this declaration before or during the UN World Interfaith Harmony Week.

Halifax Community Health Board