Nurturing Connections

This year Interfaith Harmony Halifax is hosting a series of panel conversations on Nurturing Connections. Each of the public events will feature a panel of 4-5 people that will be made up of religious leaders (many of whom have been past IHH hosts at the Sacred Spaces) as well as past IHH Interfaith Engagement Program participants.

The panels will be facilitated by a member of the Interfaith Harmony Halifax organizing committee. The panel participants will be asked to share their thoughts on questions related to the role of faith in their lives and communities.

The format will be the same at each of the panels, however each panel will be very unique.

We are hoping that these events can help to continue to foster meaningful Interfaith dialogue and relationships.

Tuesday, January 28th 6:30-8:00pm at the Woodlawn Public Library

31 Eisener Blvd, Dartmouth, NS. All welcome. No registration required.

Thursday, January 30 1:00-3:00pm at the Keshen Goodman Public Library

330 Lacewood Dr, Halifax, NS. All welcome. No registration required.

Friday, January 31 1:00-3:00pm at the Bedford Public Library

15 Dartmouth Rd, Bedford, NS. All welcome. No registration required.